Clockwise - optimizes the team calendar, allowing each employee to work flexible hours and focus more on work. is a service that helps organize regular meetings online.

In the free plan, Clockwise allows up to 75 meetings per week. This applies to both 1-2-1 meetings and group events. On the other hand, there are no such restrictions in the free tariff on the platform.

1 August 2022
2 min.3404

Chilipiper is a paid service for automating large business online meetings. There is no free plan on the platform.

A key feature of the service: a plugin for GMAIL, through which you can make appointments right in the mail interface.

25 July 2022
2 min.3163

Vimcal is the “fastest” and “beautiful calendar”. This says the developer himself. is a platform for those who regularly hold online meetings and earn money by consulting.

Both services offer a free trial. To do this, you need to link your Google account.

19 July 2022
2 min.3535

Today we will compare two online booking platforms - Savvycal and is a platform for those who regularly conduct paid consultations and work online.

Savvycal is a tool for scheduling and advanced calendar customization, primarily for working within teams. 

I am glad that there are free tariffs on the platforms. But the number of functions in this tariff plan varies significantly.

For example, both services offer unlimited online one-on-one meetings. However, group meetings at are available in the free plan, while in Savvycal this feature is available in the basic plan for $12 per month.

30 June 2022
2 min.3465

Zcal is a free but extremely simplified online meeting scheduler with limited functionality.

Biggest inconvenience:

  • There are no integrations with video services in Zcal.  Online meetings will have to be created manually using Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom 

  • You can only create 1 on 1 meetings;

  • You can not accept money through the platform;

All the above - is a basic functionality for an individual specialist, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist at Zcal.

30 June 2022
3 min.3523
Cabinet sorts out by itself!

Cabinet will take care of the routine, help you get more clients and save 5-6 hours this week. and Introwise are online assistants for those who consult regularly.

The services help private experts who conduct online training for free. True, while Introwise takes a commission of 9.8% for payments. Considering that there is no commission in the professional tariff, and in the advanced tariff the commission is 4.9%, you involuntarily wonder — why is the tariff called free?

We can imagine the situation. The coach conducts 50 consultations per month for $50. How much will he receive including the Introwise commission? $2,255, and the commission in the system is $245. We can conclude that this is not a free tariff at all.

27 June 2022
4 min.4143 $12 for the same functionality as in 3 months free, then $8 per month

Calendly – for those who love open-source community – for those who consult regularly

27 June 2022
3 min.3907

The columns represent Scheduling Apps, and the rows represent their features. Check the boxes for the features you want, and the unnecessary services disappear from the table.

In the cells of the table, We additionally indicate if the function is free (green color) or available at one of the five conditional paid rates (yellow, red color).

The colors I color in how expensive this tariff is:
From green (up to 8 $) to red (from 10 $). 

9 June 2022
2 min.5421

Calendly $8 per month ($16 for the same functionality as in 3 months free, then $8 per month is a reasonably 💲priced alternative to Calendly, primarily for those who make money by selling their consultations on social media or teaching online. is a good fit for both self-employed and organized teams from tens to thousands of employees.

8 June 2022
3 min.6410

Many experts in various industries are starting a new practice - conducting online consultations. Over the years, professionals have accumulated tremendous experience and are now ready to share it.

Some coaches broadcast live on social media. Facebook and Instagram have excellent functionality. You can also broadcast live on the Youtube video platform.

It is necessary to create an online event, invite people, make announcements. Such preparation takes both time and energy.

As a result, this option for creating online meetings is suitable for one-time events. But what if the expert is ready to conduct online classes on an individual basis? What if the teacher is busy with other projects? There is a great solution - Cabinet FM

23 May 2022
7 min.5516